About GDFi

In loving memory to our father, brother, husband, uncle and grandfather Georgi, and inspired by the heritage of the great visionary Goce Delchev, we, the founders, members and supporters of the International Foundation for Cooperation and Cultural Competition Goce Delchev, understand our duty and mission as honoring and preserving the memory of all our ancestors, and stimulating, promoting and encouraging ever higher and better achievements in every field of the culture, and the welfare of the human race.

Some of the founders wish to remain anonymous, others not. That's their good right and an acknowledgment of participation in GDFi is up to the person individually. For the moment none of the names shall be publicly announced, with exception of the GDFi's President - Christo Christov.

But whatever the case is, there is no need for many words - there is always need for actions. GDFI supports culture and piece. If you want to help, use the donate button or our bank account:

IBAN: BG19FINV91501215571483


We hope you understand why GDFi reserves the right to reject any donation, according to our Gift Acceptance Policy and more than a century long rich experience, without explanation.